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SmartSupply Forcasting

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This easy to use, fully web enabled solution empowers Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical organizations of all sizes to effectively forecast clinical supplies requirements for a clinical study or an entire clinical program.

Based on the principles of a Clinical Trial, SmartSupplies Forecasting enables forecasters to model study protocols, enrollment and material requirements to produce time-phased demand schedules that are easily modified and shared between departments. Forecasting the demand is only half the equation. SmartSupplies Forecasting is also designed to enable the Clinical Manufacturing team to develop manufacturing scenarios for meeting the forecasted demand. These lot-based scenarios factor in yields, lot expiry dates, reserves and more.

The CLINapps’ SmartSupplies Forecasting solution provides a protocol driven framework coupled with optional integration to ERP/MRP systems, IVRS systems and CTMS systems. With SmartSupplies Forecasting, Clinical Forecasters and the Clinical Manufacturing team share mutual benefits that include:

Clinical Forecaster
Clinical Protocol Driven Framework
Quickly forecast supplies requirements for a particular study or an entire program
Model complex stratifications, enrollment patterns, drop out rates and site initiation strategies to create multiple materials forecast scenarios
  Model patient kits and ancillary supplies
  Supports forecasting for titration and adaptive trials
  Develop country specific forecasts
  Update forecasts based on actual enrollment data
  Effectively communicate the demand plan to clinical teams, management and manufacturing
Clinical Manufacturing Team
Review and define material overage requirements and predict material costs for a study or entire clinical program
Specify and communicate the supply plan to clinical teams
Pool materials across multiple studies
  Predict demand requirements for Drug Substance, Drug Products and Patient Kits months in advance
Integration & Communication
Integrates with Clinical Trial Management Systems (optional)
Provides unified, single reference for clinical materials forecasting
Plan forecasted demand and manufacturing scenarios across departments

For More Information Click Here To send an email request.