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This easy to use, fully web enabled solution empowers Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical organizations of all sizes to effectively perform Reconciliation, Accountability and Returns.

CLINapps’ SmartSupplies RAR solution was designed by clinical teams.  SmartSupplies RAR identifies the materials that need to be reconciled and provides both Online and Remote data entry modes. Reconciliations performed using the remote mode, can easily be imported back into the SmartSupplies RAR application to synchronize the data.

Combines shipment, return, and reconciliation histories to provide Rapid Stock Recovery requirements
Identifies the materials that need to be reconciled at each investigational site
Perform rapid reconciliations in either online or remote data entry modes
Upload site reconciliation forms/worksheets for easy tracking of information
Combine site shipment history, return history, and reconciliation history to establish current reconciliation needs
Provide explanations for any deviations or problems encountered
Maintain the blinding of materials during reconciliation process
Allows for multiple reconciliations until all materials have been fully reconciled
Generate Online returns for partially used or unused inventory
Attach return drug management forms/worksheets and shipping invoices to return requests
Track and update the status of returns with ease

For More Information Click Here To send an email request.