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SmartSupplies LDP (Label Design and Printing) is an easy to use two part software package that empowers pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations of all sizes to design and print their own clinical labels.

The label's graphical design application is a GUI layout tool that allows users to quickly position phrases, variable text, drawing objects, images and barcodes on predefined label stocks. Approved label designs can then be utilized in the web-based print request and completion application for the printing of production labels.

The LDP web-based printing application enables users to enter desired values for the variable data and import randomization files for a list of unique ID's to be inserted into defined placeholders. The system's powerful electronic routing and approval process verifies that the printed labels meet both study and packaging run requirements prior to printing. All label designs (artwork) and printed labels are stored within the system's secure database framework for improved reliability, scalability and universal access over the network.

SmartSupplies LDP can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as a fully integrated SmartSupplies product. When combined, the SmartSupplies LRA phrases and translations library and robust routing and approval engine provides unmatched capability for quickly producing labels that are compliant with industry and regional regulations.

Easy to use graphical design tool
Supports all printer types
Allows for division of work between users who design label artwork and users who print production labels
Supports international languages, fonts, styles, barcodes, and graphics
Web based print request and completion workflow component
Prevents printing of non-approved labels and changes to artwork during printing process
Regulatory Compliance
Ensures 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and electronic signature capabilities
Full Audit Trail and Reporting
Group and user level security
Optionally integrates with SmartSupplies LRA to utilize a library of commonly used phrases & translations
Optionally integrates with SmartSupplies PMD
Provides email notifications to support the workflow of key process steps
Supports LDAP authentication

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