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Established in 1999 with international offices, CLINapps is a fast-growing software development and consulting firm, creating state-of-the-art systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
With a full time staff of highly skilled industry professionals, and a strong customer focus, CLINapps has a track record of providing high-quality end-to-end solutions for leading Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies.
By leveraging our extensive domain knowledge and applying proven technologies, our mission-critical solutions give customers a distinct competitive advantage.


To become the Preferred Solution Providers for Drug Development Processes used within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries.

To be a leading consulting organization and provider of innovative, high quality, mission critical solutions for the life science industry.

Analyze Conceptualize and Revolutionize

We offer the vision, the strategy and the expertise to analyze client’s problems, conceptualize innovative solutions, and revolutionize our client’s business.
CLINapps is committed to providing our clients with software and consulting services that increase the speed and accuracy of the decision making process.
We have developed the ability to accomplish this goal through years of experience helping our clients to design, implement, and maintain their key Information Systems.
Our values are simple. Deliver your solutions on time, within budget and ready to use.